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Our users say
Sarah Lewin
Project manager, 36 y.o.
My son has never been a fan of healthy food and sports and you have literally changed him by luring into your magical world of healthy living. I also tested your app and must say you’d lured me as well - I’ve never thought it could be that easy to track my nutrition data! Guys, keep it up!
Gregory Tabot
Photographer, 28 y.o.
This app goes above and beyond my expectations, literally. It was a real challenge for me to find an app that was effective and yet pleasant to use. Bet many of my girlfriends will be super excited to get in shape for the summer with SlimSpoon!
Jess Simpson
Team lead, 30 y.o.
SlimSpoon is a great one! Fits me really well. Integration with Apple Fitness really helps me to keep myself in a good shape which is quite a challenge for me. Look forward for new features to come!
Would it be ok for my 13-year-old daughter to start using your app?
We support desire of our users to eat healthy food and do sports on a daily base, however when registering SlimSpoon requests access to users' personal information and, in our case, the minimum age limit for our users is 18 years old. It's important to us that teenagers stick to their usual eating habits for as long as possible.
Any extra features? What should I do to get them?
That’s a good one! We don't plan to add any paid features yet cos we want everyone to have free access to it. Maybe in six months or a year we'll think about introducing paid services, but for now we just want as many people as possible to enjoy the process!
How is your app working if there is no mobile connection or WiFi?
We are pleased to claim that SlimSpoon can work both online and offline. Even if you don’t have internet connection, you can just input your sport/meal data into the app while you are offline and once you’re connected to the Internet, all data will be uploaded automatically
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